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These standards are used in how your writing is assessed: As I answer the questions on the revision and evaluation sheet, I (and you) will come to some conclusions about your grades.


A/B A paper that earns an "A" or a "B" does not just satisfy the requirements of the prompt; it composes an original response that demonstrates careful thought about the issues of the course in a voice that clearly exhibits the writer's point of view and purpose in an fine-tuned and appropriate style.  The appropriately organized paper not only provides both a clear controlling purpose and coherent argument that balances general support with specific evidence, but also critically comments on the subject matter in intriguing and thought-provoking ways.  Grammar and style are not only sound—even virtually flawless—but are also aware of the English language's nuances.


C A paper that earns a "C" responds to the prompt in a general way, constructs a controlling idea or thesis, and employs suitable organization for its purposes and rhetorical purposes.  Argument may suffer from a lack of development or evidence.  It contains minor and recurrent errors in style, grammar, and mechanics.


D A paper that earns a "D" shows evidence of attempting to respond to the assignment but does so in ways that are convoluted and unclear.  It lacks a controlling thesis and is difficult to follow.


E A paper that earns an "E" shows little or no understanding of the assignment or the conventions of standard written English.


A final note: As the class progresses, your writing is expected to progress.  Consequently, I grade more strictly as the quarter proceeds.