Alex E. Blazer Curriculum Vita Teaching Portfolio

English 261

Introduction to Fiction

Syllabi and Assignments

Spring 2000 Syllabus

Spring 2000 Assignments

Summer 2001 Syllabus

Summer 2001 Assignments

Winter 2003 Syllabus

Winter 2003 Assignments

Spring 2003 Syllabus

Spring 2003 Assignments

Supporting Documents

Analyzing Fiction


Paper Organization

Literary Research Methods

Evaluating Sources: Print vs Web

MLA Style

MLA Style Template: Microsoft Word

Corel WordPerfect

Web Page Construction from CCL: Netscape Composer Walkthrough

Audiovisual Presentations from CCL: PowerPoint

Online Resources


American Heritage Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary Online

General Literature Sites Contemporary Literature

American Literature Resources (Academic Info)

Contemporary Authors

Library Catalogues and Databases


Ohiolink Language and Literature Databases

The Ohio State University Libraries

The Ohio State University Language and Literature Databases

Specific Author Sites

Winter 2003 Links Page (compiled by students)

Atwood, Margaret: The Atwood Society

Baker, Nicholson: Nicholson Baker Fan Page

Barth, John: John Barth Info Center

Borges, Jorge Luis: The Garden of Forking Paths

Brooke-Rose, Christine: Contemporary Authors
Calvino, Italo: Professor Frank Pajares' Calvino Page

Coover, Robert: Robert Coover: "The Babysitter" [primary text in hypertext]

Daitch, Susan: An Introduction to the Life and Works of Susan Daitch

Ellis, Bret Easton: The Bret Easton Ellis Page

Faulkner, William: William Faulkner on the Web (The University of Mississippi)

Gass, William H.: William H. Gass Links Page (Bedford/St. Martin's)

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins: Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Scribbling Women)

Hemingway, Ernest: Timeless Hemingway (Josh Silverstein)

Joyce, James: IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce (John Barger)

Kafka, Franz: Leni's Franz Kafka Page

Lessing, Doris: Doris Lessing: A Retrospective

Morrison, Toni: SwissEduc: Toni Morrison

Petersen, Wolfgang: see Film Sites—The Neverending Story

Poe, Edgar Allan: The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

Pynchon, Thomas: Thomas R. Pynchon: Spermatikos Logos

Sartre, Jean-Paul: Sartre Online: The Ultimate Sartrean Resource

Süskind, Patrick: Contemporary Authors

Vonnegut, Jr., Kurt: The Vonnegut Web

Woolf, Virginia: Virginia Woolf Web

Specific Film/Director Sites

Barton Fink (Dir. by Joel and Ethan Coen): Coenesque: The Films of the Coen Brothers

Blue Velvet (Dir. by David Lynch): The City of Absurdity: The Mysterious World of David Lynch

Donnie Darko (Dir. by Richard Kelley): Donnie Darko

The Neverending Story (Dir. by Wolfgang Petersen): The NeverEnding Story Online