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This page is intended for the supplemental study of literature. If you are researching a literature paper, the sources provided here should not replace the works of scholarly criticism available via library and print research.

1. Literature Resources

a. General Literature Contemporary Literature

Academic Info: American Literature Resources

American Studies @ The University of Virginia

American Studies Electronic Crossroads

Bedford/St. Martin's LitLinks

Bedford/St. Martin's Research and Documentation Online

Contemporary Authors

Internet Public Library

Jack Lynch's Literary Resources on the Net

Literature Online

Literature Resource Center

The Norton Anthology of English Literature

The Norton Anthology of American Literature

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature

Voice of the Shuttle

b. Poetry Contemporary Poetry

Academic Info: American Poets & Poetry

Academy of American Poets

Electronic Poetry Center

Electronic Poetry Review

English 88, Modern and Contemporary Poetry (Al Filreis, University of Pennsylvania)

Bob's Byway: Glossary of Poetic Terms

Michael Meyer, Poetry: An Introduction

Modern American Poetry Site

Norton Poets

Poets House (includes Directory of American Poetry Books)

c. Film - Arts & Entertainment

American Film Institute Catalog

Cineaste: The Art and Politics of Cinema

Drews' Script-o-Rama


Phillip's Film: An Introduction Web Site

Internet Movie Database

Turner Classic Movies

d. Movements and Periods

Literary Movements (Donna M. Campbell, Gonzaga University)

Adolescent Literature: Writers' Views: Adolescence (Talk of the Nation, 19 August, 2004)

Beat Generation / San Francisco Renaissance: The Beat Page

Psychedelic '60s: The New York Beats

Psychedelic '60s: The San Francisco Beats

Black Arts Movement: Black Arts Movement

Historical Overviews of the Black Arts Movement (Modern American Poetry Site)

Black Mountain Poets: Psychedelic '60s


Harlem Renaissance: Harlem: 1900-1940, An African-American Community

Modernism/Postmodernism: The Modern World

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide

The Psychadelic '60s: Literary Tradition and Social Change

1960s: Psychedelic '60s

Romanticism: Romantic Circles

Romanticism on the Net

Romantics Unbound 

Transcendentalism: American Transcendentalist Web

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature

The Transcendentalists

e. Critical Theory


Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Introduction to Postcolonial Studies

Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism

Lacanian Links

Lawyers and Literature: Narrative Literature & Literary Criticism

Marxists Internet Archive

On-Line Sites for Literary and Cultural Theory

Postmodern Culture

Psyche Matters: A Psychoanalytic and Psychology Resource Guide


2. Author Sites

a. Poetry

Ashbery, John: Electronic Poetry Center

Modern American Poetry Site

Andrews, Bruce: (Electronic Poetry Center

Blake, William: The William Blake Archive

William Blake Online (The Tate Gallery Online)

William Blake's complete poetry online (The Blake Digital Text Project)

Browning, Robert: The Browning Pages

Robert Browning's complete poems online (English Poetry Database)

Celan, Paul: A Paul Celan Homepage

Paul Celan

Academy of American Poets

Norton Poets Online

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: Island of Freedom

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poetry Archive

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's complete poetry online (Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collection: English Poetry (600-1900)

Dickinson, Emily: The Academy of American Poets

Modern American Poetry Site

Emily Dickinson's complete poems online (

Emily Dickinson's complete poems online (Bartleby)

Eliot, T. S.: The T. S. Eliot Hypertext Project

Eliot's collected poems online (The Faber Poetry Library)

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence: City Lights Books: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the Blue Neon Alley

Frost, Robert: The Academy of American Poets

Graham, Jorie: The Poetry of Jorie Graham (The Connection, 23 March 2005)

Hejinian, Lyn: Electronic Poetry Center

Hölderlin, Friedrich: Friedrich Hölderlin (Mythos & Logos)

Howe, Fanny: Academy of American Poets

Fanny Howe, Selected Poems

Hughes, Langston: Teacher Resource File - Langston Hughes

Academy of American Poets

Modern American Poetry Site

Langston Hughes complete poetry online (Chadwyck-Healey, Twentieth-Century American Poetry)

Keats, John: John Keats, Romantic Poet

John Keat's complete poems online (Chadwyck-Healey Individual Literature Collection: English Poetry (600-1900)

John Keat's complete poems online (English Poetry Database)

Kinnell, Galway: The Academy of American Poets

McKay, Claude: Modern American Poetry Site

Niedecker, Lorine: Modern American Poetry Site

Oppen, George: Academy of American Poets

Modern American Poetry Site

Plath, Sylvia: Sylvia Plath: "A celebration, this is"

Sylvia Plath's complete poems online (The Faber Poetry Library)

Rich, Adrienne: Adrienne Rich Station

Rilke, Rainer Maria: The Academy of American Poets

Little Blue Light - Rainer Maria Rilke

The Rainer Maria Rilke Archive

Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters to a Young Poet

Sexton, Anne: Academy of American Poets

Anne Sexton's complete poetry online (Chadwyck-Healey, Twentieth-Century American Poetry)

Shakespeare, William: Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

William Shakespeare's complete sonnets online (

William Shakespeare's complete sonnets online (

William Shakespeare's complete sonnets online (Project Gutenberg)

Shelley, Percy Bysshe: Unacknowledged Legislators - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Stein, Gertrude: Gertrude Stein Online

full text of Tender Buttons online (Bartleby)

Stevens, Wallace: Modern American Poetry Site

Wallace Stevens' complete poetry online (Chadwyck-Healey, Twentieth-Century American Poetry)

Waldrop, Rosmarie: Electronic Poetry Center

Watten, Barrett: Barrett Watten Homepage

Whitman, Walt: The Whitman Project

full text of Leaves of Grass online (University of Virginia)

full text of Leaves of Grass (1891 edition) online (Chadwyck-Healey)

Williams, William Carlos: Modern American Poetry Site

Yeats, William Butler: Academy of American Poets

William Butler Yeats (Internet Poetry Address Book)

William Butler Yeats' complete poems online (The William Butler Yeats Collection)

b. Fiction

Atwood, Margaret: The Atwood Society

Baker, Nicholson: Nicholson Baker Fan Page

Barth, John: John Barth Info Center

The Modern World

Borges, Jorge Luis: The Garden of Forking Paths

Brooke-Rose, Christine: Contemporary Authors

Calvino, Italo: Professor Frank Pajares' Calvino Page

Coen, Joel: Coenesque: The Films of the Coen Brothers

Coover, Robert: Robert Coover: "The Babysitter" [primary text in hypertext]

The Modern World

Off the Page (The Providence Phoenix)

Daitch, Susan: An Introduction to the Life and Works of Susan Daitch

DeLillo, Don: Don DeLillo's America

The Don DeLillo Society

Ellis, Bret Easton: The Bret Easton Ellis Page

Faulkner, William: William Faulkner on the Web (The University of Mississippi)

Gass, William H.: A Casebook on William H. Gass's The Tunnel

William H. Gass Links Page (Bedford/St. Martin's)

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins: Charlotte Perkins Gilman - The Yellow Wallpaper (Scribbling Women)

Hemingway, Ernest: Timeless Hemingway (Josh Silverstein)

Jackson, Shelley: Ineradicable Stain (Home Page)

Joyce, James: Hypermedia Joyce Studies

IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce (John Barger)

Kafka, Franz: Leni's Franz Kafka Page

Lessing, Doris: Doris Lessing: A Retrospective

Melville, Herman: Ishmael, Ahab, Moby (Studio 360, 4 December 2004)

Morrison, Toni: Educeth: Toni Morrison

Poe, Edgar Allan: The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

Pynchon, Thomas: Thomas R. Pynchon: Spermatikos Logos

Sartre, Jean-Paul: Sartre Online: The Ultimate Sartrean Resource

Süskind, Patrick: Contemporary Authors

Vonnegut, Jr., Kurt: The Vonnegut Web

Woolf, Virginia: Virginia Woolf Web

c. Film/Television

Blue Velvet: The City of Absurdity: The Mysterious World of David Lynch

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies

Donnie Darko: Donnie Darko (Official Site)

Donnie Darko Shooting Script

Opera: Dark Dreams: The Films of Dario Argento

The Neverending Story: The NeverEnding Story Online


Kushner, Tony: Tony Kushner (Ingrid Kerkhoff's Course Page)

Stoppard, Tom: Travesties: The Stagecraft of Tom Stoppard

e. Critical Theory

Benjamin, Walter: Walter Benjamin Research Site

Hegel, G. W. F.: The Hegel Society of America


Marxists Internet Archive Resource by Andy Blunden

Heidegger, Martin: Martin Heidegger (The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Lacan, Jacques: Kid A in Alphabet Land

Lacan Dot Com

Lacanian Links

Marx, Karl: Marxists Internet Archive

Sartre, Jean-Paul: David M. Boje's Teaching Page

Thoreau, Henry David: 150 Years of Walden (Talk of the Nation, 9 August 2004)

Zizek, Slavoj: The Authorised Slavoj Zizek Page

3. Primary Texts

a. General Literature Great Books Online

Chadwyck-Healey Individual Literature Collections

Electronic Text Center (University of Virginia)

Emory Women Writers Resource Project

Eserver: Accessible Online Publishing

Humanities Text Initiative (University of Michigan)

Oxford Text Archive

Project Gutenberg

b. Poetry

Chadwyck-Healey: African-American, American, and English Poetry

The Carnegie Mellon University Poetry Index of Canonical Verse

University of Toronto's Representative Poetry On-Line

World Poetry Database

c. Film

Drew's Script-O-Rama

Internet Movie Database

4. Reference

a. Dictionaries

American Heritage Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary Online

b. Library Catalogues and Databases

University of Louisville Libraries

U of Libraries Literature Guide

c. MLA Style

Alex E. Blazer: MLA Style

Bedford/St. Martin's Research and Documentation Online