Dr. Alex E. Blazer Curriculum Vita Teaching Portfolio

English 226

American Literature II

Syllabi, Lectures, and Assignments

Fall 2006 Syllabus

Fall 2006 Lectures

Fall 2006 Assignments

Winter 2007 Syllabus

Winter 2007 Lectures

Winter 2007 Assignments

Fall 2007 Syllabus

Fall 2007 Lectures

Fall 2007 Assignments

Supporting Documents

Blackboard Basics

FAQ: Papers, Technology, Attendance


Literary Analysis

Literary Research Methods

Literary Resources Online

MLA Style

MLA Style Template: Corel WordPerfect

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Works


Rich-Text Format

Discussion Board Response Template

Supplemental Writing Skills

Thesis Statements: Dartmouth College

Harvard Univeristy

The Ohio State University

Online Resources

Literary Resources Online

Prentice Hall Anthology of American Literature

Norton Anthology of American Literature

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide