Links of the Month

November 2022

Yacht or Not?

September 2022


October 2022

Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol

August 2022

"Facebook turns over mother and daughter’s chat history to police resulting in abortion charges"

July 2022

Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol

June 2022

Mercury Theatre on the Air

April 2022

and May 2022

On the Media

March 2022

Black Film Archive

February 2022

The Storm: A Lost Rewatch Podcast

December 2021 and January 2022

Academic Freedom and Tenure: University System of Georgia

November 2021

Harry Ransom Center Movie Posters Collection

August 2021

GCSU Immunization Requirements

July 2021

The A.V. Club Presents Film Club

June 2021


May 2021

Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

April 2021

The West Wing Weekly

March 2021

Veronica Mars Investigations

February 2021

The Perry Pod

January 2021

Public Health for the People

December 2020

Georgia COVID-19 Updates

October 2020

Highest Risk: Students and faculty regularly engage in in-person learning, activities, and events.

CDC Considerations for Institutions of Higher Education

August 2020

Baldwin County: COVID Risk Level Red, Tipping Point, Stay-at-Home Orders Necessary

Harvard Global Health Institute, Key Metrics for COVID Suppression

July 2020

Harvard Global Health Institute, Key Metrics for COVID Suppression

June 2020

The Boiler Room: A My So-Called Life Podcast

May 2020

You Must Remember This

March 2020

Fair Fight 2020

February 2020

TV Tropes

December 2019

Fresh Air Archive

October 2019

September 2019

Twin Peaks Wiki

August 2019


July 2019

MCU Bible Verse

June 2019

Diane: Entering the Town of Twin Peaks

May 2019

The Chronicle of Higher Education Blogs

April 2019

The Believer

March 2019

PsyArt Journal

February 2019


January 2018

Nancy by Olivia James

December 2018


November 2018

Debating Doctor Who

October 2018

The Walden Woods Project

September 2018

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born?

August 2018


July 2018


June 2018

The Familiar Wiki

May 2018

Sonny Bono Memorial Collection

April 2018

Tommy Westphall Universe

March 2018

Pilot Inspectors

February 2018


January 2018

My Favorite Murder

December 2017

Hope Images from 2017

November 2017

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

October 2017

Democratic Socialists of America

September 2017

August 2017

Despair, Inc.

July 2017

Harper's Magazine

June 2017


May 2017

Milledgeville Film Festival

April 2017

Buffering the Vampire Slayer

March 2017

Lux Radio Theatre

February 2017

St. Louis Manifest

January 2017

American Civil Liberties Union

December 2016

Ben Sargent

November 2016


October 2016

Democratic Party Platform

Green Party Platform

Libertarian Party Platform

Republican Party Platform

September 2016


August 2016


July 2016

The Last Message Received

June 2016

The Wire: The Official Publication of Joint Task Force Guantanamo

May 2016

Animal Hospital of Milledgeville

April 2016

Mark Z. Danielewski

March 2016

"Based on a True True Story?"

February 2016


January 2016

My Husband's Stupid Record Collection

December 2015

NBC University Theater

November 2015


October 2015

Texts from Your Existentialist

September 2015


August 2015

Botar's Old Time Radio

July 2015


June 2015



May 2015


April 2015


March 2015

The Public Domain Review

February 2015

"President Obama Announces Changes to the NSA"

January 2015

"Inside the NSA's War on Internet Security"

December 2014

New England Lighthouses

November 2014


October 2014


September 2014

Existential Comics

August 2014

Michelle Foucault

July 2014

"The NSA Revelations All in One Chart"

June 2014

"MM Loved to Read"

May 2014

The Verge

April 2014

American Association of University Professors

March 2014

The Intercept

February 2014

A.V. Club

January 2014

Lol My Thesis

December 2013

The Guardian, "The NSA Files Decoded"

November 2013

Welcome to Night Vale

October 2013

Internet Archive

September 2013

Domestic Surveillance Directorate

August 2013

Philosophy Bites

July 2013

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

June 2013

The Modern Word

May 2013

The Audacity of Despair: David Simon

April 2013

Letters of Note

March 2013

This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow

February 2013

Sunlight Foundation

January 2013

Regret the Error

December 2012


November 2012

Miss Representation

October 2012

Democratic Party Platform

GOP Platform

Green Party USA Platform

Justice Party USA Brochure

Tea Party Platform

September 2012

Open Culture

August 2012

Escher Girls

July 2012

Naked Capitalism

June 2012

Tor Project

May 2012

Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses

April 2012

National Priorities Project

March 2012

February 2012

Project Censored

Mitt's Income vs. Your Income

January 2012


Justice Party

Buddy Roemer

December 2011 Center for Responsive Politics

November 2011


October 2011

Literally Unbelievable

September 2011


August 2011

WTF with Marc Maron

July 2011

Officials Say the Darnedest Things

June 2011

Better Book Titles

May 2011

The Don DeLillo Society

April 2011


March 2011

February 2011

Media Matters with Bob McChesney

January 2011


December 2010

Electronic Frontier Foundation


November 2010

Influence Tracker

October 2010


September 2010

Laura Newbern

August 2010


July 2010

Slate Culture Gabfest

June 2010

The Digital Bridges

May 2010

Southern Povery Law Center

April 2010

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

March 2010

Lady Gaga

February 2010

News of the Weird

January 2010

Now on PBS

December 2009

Slate Political Gabfest

November 2009

Billionaires for Wealthcare

October 2009

e-Paper Trail

September 2009

Thomas R. Pynchon: Spermatikos Logos

August 2009

The Yes Men

July 2009

Glenn Greenwald -

June 2009

My First Dictionary

May 2009

No Subject: Encyclopedia of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

April 2009

The Aviary

March 2009

Poetry Foundation

February 2009

The White House

January 2009


December 2008

Democracy Now!

November 2008

October 2008

The Citizens' Debate Commission

Mark Crispin Miller: News from Underground

Naomi Klein


September 2008


August 2008

The True Price of SMS Messages

July 2008

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

June 2008

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

May 2008

The Colbert Report

April 2008

Anne Mansolino: Thresholds

March 2008

Found Magazine

February 2008

Marcel Duchamp (Philadelphia Museum of Art)

January 2008

Lauren Greenfield Photography

December 2007

Flarf (Jacket Magazine)

November 2007

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

October 2007

Roger Ebert

September 2007

Senator Craig: The Re-enactment (Slate V)

August 2007

American Rhetoric

July 2007

City of Absurdity: The Mysterious World of David Lynch

June 2007

Cost of War

May 2007

April 2007

Television Without Pity

March 2007

Jayne Dennis

February 2007

January 2007

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

December 2006

The Onion

November 2006


October 2006

A Francesca Woodman Gallery

September 2006


August 2006

Walter A. Davis

July 2006

MWC News

June 2006


May 2006

the (re)making project | charles mee

April 2006

Red Meat

March 2006

This Modern World | Archive

February 2006

Ulysses for Dummies

January 2006

Epic 2014

December 2005

House of Leaves

November 2005


October 2005

Barbara Ehrenreich

September 2005

Lost Bands of the New Wave Era

August 2005

Media Matters for America

July 2005

Larry David, The Huffington Post

June 2005

Foetry: American Poetry Watchdog

May 2005

CNN, "MIT Prank Paper Accepted for Publication"

April 2005

Mark Edmundson, "On the Uses of a Liberal Education as Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students"

March 2005


February 2005

Marxists Internet Archive

January 2005

Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie

December 2004

Lawyers and Literature: Narrative Literature & Literary Criticism

November 2004

"Not an Exit": A Bret Easton Ellis Celeblog

October 2004

Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies

September 2004

Donnie Darko

August 2004

Ali G: 2004 Harvard University Commencement Speech (html) | (rm 1:25:32/2:10:26)