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English 322

American Literature from 1960 to the Present

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Spring 2004 Syllabus

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Spring 2004 Assignments

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Online Resources

Literary Resources Online

Ashbery, John: John Ashbery (Electronic Poetry Center)

John Ashbery (Modern American Poetry Site)

Barth, John: John Barth Info Page

John Barth (The Modern World)

Coover, Robert: Robert Coover (The Modern World)

Off the Page (The Providence Phoenix)

DeLillo, Don: Don DeLillo's America

The Don DeLillo Society

Gass, William H.: William H. Gass Links Page

Hejinian, Lyn: Lyn Hejinian (Electronic Poetry Center)

Jackson, Shelley: Ineradicable Stain (Home Page)

Kushner, Tony: Tony Kushner (Ingrid Kerkhoff's Course Page)

Stoppard, Tom: Travesties: The Stagecraft of Tom Stoppard

Waldrop, Rosmarie: Rosmarie Waldrop (Electronic Poetry Center)

Watten, Barrett: Barrett Watten Home Page