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English 382

Contemporary Poetry in English

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Fall 2005 Syllabus

Fall 2005 Assignments

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General Sources

Literary Resources Online

Modern American Poetry

Movements and Periods

Black Mountain Poets: Black College Museum + Arts Center

Wikipedia: Black Mountain Poets

Confessional Poetry: Wikipedia: Confessional Poet

Beat Generation / San Francisco Renaissance: The Beat Page

Psychedelic '60s: The New York Beats

Psychedelic '60s: The San Francisco Beats

Wikipedia: Beat Generation

Wikipedia: San Francisco Renaissance

Language Poetry: Wikipedia: Language Poets


Ashbery, John: Modern American Poetry: John Ashbery

Creeley, Robert: Modern American Poetry: Robert Creeley

Dorn, Edward: Cento Magazine: Ed Dorn

Electronic Poetry Corner: Ed Dorn

English 88: Ed Dorn's Parody of Williams' "This Is Just to Say"

Literary Encyclopedia: Dorn, Ed

literaryhistory.com: Ed Dorn

Wikipedia: Ed Dorn

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence: City Lights: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the Blue Neon Alley

Graham, Jorie: Wikipedia: Graham, Jorie

Hejinian, Lyn: Wikipedia: Hejinian, Lyn

Kerouac, Jack: Hit the Road, Jack

O'Hara, Frank: Modern American Poetry: Frank O'Hara

Rich, Adrienne: Modern American Poetry: Adrienne Rich

Sexton, Anne: Academy of American Poets: Anne Sexton

Modern American Poetry: Anne Sexton

Wikipedia: Sexton, Anne